Internship program on MATLAB is 8 weeks program. Details are as below:


The basic features(s-file, m-file, plotting)

Handling with vectors and matrices


Built-in functions

Plotting(2d and 3d)

Signal processing and image processing

Generating Histograms

Basic Statistics

Generating Standard Deviation and Median

Polynomials in MATLAB


BASIC C Programming concept

M-files: Scripts and functions

Numerical Methods

Solving basic algebraic equations

Solving quadratic equations

Plotting symbolic equations

Expanding and collecting equations

Solving higher order equations

Series representation and functions

Calculating Limits

Computing Derivatives

The dissolve command

Solving ODE's

Systems of equations and phase plane plots

The Int command

Definite Integration

Multidimensional Integration

The Laplace transform

Computing Fourier transforms

Inverse Fourier transform

Gamma functions

Bessel functions

The Beta functions

Special integrals

Legendre functions

Airy functions

Simulink block library introduction

Building models in simulink

Running and configuring simulink model