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C Training in Malleswaram

Course Duraiton: 1 Month

IGEEKS Technologies: C Training Course Content

Importance of C

Sample C program

Basic Structure of C programs

Programming Style Executing a C Program



Set C tokens

Keywords and Identifier

Constants and Variable

Declaration of Variables

Assigning values to variables

Defining Symbolic Constants


Types of Operator


Reading a character

Writing a character

Formatted input

Formatted output

Features of Preprocessor

Macro Expansion

Macros with Arguments

Macros versus Functions

File Inclusion

Pragma Directive

Declaration of Array

Initialization of Array

One Dimension Array

Two Dimension Array

Character Array

String Library String Function

Strlen (), Strrev (), Strcat (), Strcmp (), Strcpy ()


Types of Function

Rules and Condition

Call by Value

Call by Reference


Automatic Storage Class

Register Storage Class

Static Storage Class

External Storage Class

Why Use Structure

Declaring a structure

Accessing Structure Elements

How Structure Elements are Stored

Array of Structure


Difference between Union and Structure


Display the concept of File

Pointer Expression

Pointer and Array

Pointer and String

Pointer with function

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